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*The shelter is closed the 1st of every month. 


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*The shelter is closed on the 1st of every month.


Many dogs have a natural instinct to chase and lure coursing creates a structured outlet for this natural behavior.  It presents a simulated opportunity for a dog to pursue “prey” in an open (but fully fenced-in) field. EBHS utilizes a mechanical lure which consists of a white plastic bag attached to a movable line. Our lure operators are trained to run the course in such a way that they mimic prey movements and the unpredictability of a real chase. Our onsite lure course is about 650 yards in length and our offsite courses (Wagfest) are about 500 yards in length. Check out this short clip of our course in action!

If your dog likes to chase, play fetch, or has a high prey drive, they will likely enjoy lure coursing! EBHS lure course events are a great, low-pressure introduction to the sport and can be enjoyed by first-time or experienced coursers. Some dogs might need some coaxing initially but they generally catch on quickly and follow along with great enthusiasm!

Lure coursing is not for every dog. We do not recommend dogs under 1 year of age (they are still developing) or those that have any physical health concerns run the course (increased risk for injury). Be aware of your dog’s physical capabilities and be attentive to their condition before and after an event. Always consult with your veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns about your dog running lure course.

See additional information regarding guidelines and requirements by clicking here

Donation Drive Days

New for 2024!  Bring donations on Drive Days for a chance to win a $100 Pet Supplies Plus gift card at the end of the lure season! Check out our wishlist page for a comprehensive list of everything needed. 

  • Friday, May 24th – FOOD (canned food or kibble, food for all species needed)
  • Friday, June 7th – OFFICE SUPPLIES (new/used crayons, copy paper, colored pencils, dry-erase markers, & stamps)
  • Friday, July 19th – ALUMINUM CAN DRIVE (bring your aluminum cans for us to recycle in exchange for cash!)
  • Friday, August 2nd – CLEANING SUPPLIES (bleach, paper towels, laundry/dish soap, & poop bags)
  • Friday, August 30th – URGENT NEEDS (urgently needed items from our Amazon wishlist)
  • Friday, September 13th – ENRICHMENT TREATS (cheese slices, hot dogs, small training treats, & low-sodium broth)

2024 Onsite Schedule (held at EBHS)

Click the date to register. All onsite lure events are held on Fridays from 4-6pm. Some dates (TBD) will have professional photographer, Stacey Kremel, at the event taking amazing photos of the dogs running the course. Digital photos can be purchased for $10 (plus tax) for 1 photo and $5 (plus tax) for each additional photo. Photos will be available for purchase at registration or will be available for purchase at the event. 
*Dates in yellow indicate Thank Dog It’s Friday nights and lure runs from 4-7pm. These are busier dates with additional activities and are not recommended for dogs that do not do well with larger crowds. 

2024 Offsite Schedule (Wagfest)

Registration for Wagfest is not currently available. Lure runs from 11am-5pm on Saturday, September 7th.
*This is an outdoor festival with approximately 4000-5000 people and their dogs in attendance. This event is not recommended for dogs that do not do well with larger crowds.